Venture Winston Grants is proud to partner with AeroX around the mission of identifying, funding and supporting entrepreneurs who are building the future of Aviation and Flight. AeroX will provide mentorship and guidance for VWG winners and work to connect VWG startups to industry, government, commercial and investment channels where there is product-market fit.

About AeroX

AeroX is a non-profit organization seeking to move Winston-Salem and North Carolina from “First in Flight” to “Next in Flight” through leveraging the most transformative set of innovations the aviation industry has seen in its 100-year history. The AeroX vision is to prompt and facilitate the safe and efficient commercialization of emerging technologies in flight here in Winston-Salem, NC and to attract a diverse group of pioneering new companies to launch and establish operations locally.


We are accepting Aviation & Aerospace applications for the following:

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

    Applications in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) will be focused on transforming the way we deliver high-value cargo between business and “last mile” packages for eCommerce and integration of advanced imaging and data analytics payloads to simplify operations and reduce costs across the industry. The operations supporting these use cases will be conducted
    Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), utilizing AeroX future ground based detect and avoid

  • Electrical Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL)

    Applications in Electrical Vertical Takeoff and Landing will focus on vehicles, and the associated technologies, that offer cheaper, quieter and cleaner alternatives to helicopter transport of passengers and cargo. Solutions in this space range from medical/emergency operations, cargo delivery and air taxi or Uber-style passenger flights all powered by electric propulsion due to advancements in battery and hydrogen power technologies.

  • Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Control Systems (UTM)

    Applications in UAS Traffic Control Systems (UTM) will focus on products and solutions that accommodate and integrate autonomous aircraft with existing manned and airline traffic. This will include the integration of aircraft detection sensors, micro-weather
    forecasting/modeling, and command/control connectivity.

Disrupt Winston

October 9, 2021

Join our inaugural Disrupt Winston Pitch Event featuring the smartest minds and innovators in business as they pitch their start-up ideas for the future of Nutrition & Agriculture, the future of Health & Well Being, and the future of Aviation & Aerospace.

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